The European Capital of Culture 2024 programme for Narva and Virumaa will be exactly as good as we will make it, together. Share your ideas and write to us about events or projects you would like to bring to life in Narva and / or Virumaa.

The programme concept of Narva’s candidacy rests on three “pillars”:

  • “Hidden Culture” is looking for ideas that would emphasise the uniqueness of Narva and its “uncooked” works of art.
  • “Art with an Edge” invites bold artistic interventions and creative disruptions that aim to rethink and challenge existing modes of thinking and behaviour.
  • “Leap into the Future” is looking for novel solutions that will help shape Narva's future.

Since the whole of Virumaa is supporting Narva's candidacy to become the European Capital of Culture, suggestions for initiatives that could be implemented throughout the region are encouraged. All sorts of ideas are welcome: from new takes on existing projects, to bold future visions, from hyper-local village bashes to international festivals and collaborations.